Lucy Dacus Performs With Two Herniated Discs


Photo by Grace Flynn

Lucy Dacus performs on a couch at Turner Hall after suffering two herniated discs.

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than by watching a live concert performed entirely horizontally? Even two herniated discs couldn’t stop artist Lucy Dacus from putting on a great show. Dacus came to Turner Hall Feb. 14 as part of her tour to promote her recent album “Home Video,” which came out in June 2021. Despite throwing out her back shortly before the start of her tour, she came up with the unconventional solution of performing while laying on a couch.

Dacus was preceded by opener Indigo de Souza. She came on stage in a flowing white gown and her signature red lipstick and took up her (horizontal) position on the couch. Opening with songs “Triple Dog Dare” and “First Time,” Dacus welcomed the crowd to her show and offered to be the valentine of anyone who was alone on the holiday.

Dacus continued to perform songs from her new¬†album, including “Hot and Heavy,” “Christine” and “VBS.” The album explores Dacus’s formative childhood memories, queerness and even religious trauma, all through the singer’s gorgeous melodic alto voice. Dacus also treated the audience to a cover of rock style “La Vie En Rose” and Carole King’s “Home Again” for Valentine’s Day.

As she performed, the screen onstage flashed with animations to complement each song, including a set of interlocked hands for “Thumbs” and a swing set for “Cartwheel.” She featured her newest single “Kissing Lessons,” which was released Feb. 2, paired with the newly released music video playing on the screen behind her. Dacus also performed some select songs from her 2018 album “Historian,” including “Addictions” and “Yours & Mine.” She closed with fan-favorite “Night Shift,” accompanied by the cheering and singing of the audience.

Dacus did not entice the audience with gimmicks but relied entirely on her captivating voice and superb songwriting style that draws the listener into the story of each piece. Despite her unorthodox performance style, she was still able to put on a great show, complete with stunning live vocals, plenty of guitar solos and, of course, a couch.

This story was written by Grace Flynn. She can be reached at [email protected]