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STEBNITZ: Romantic love stories to read for Valentine’s day

There are a multitude of new romance books that have been released in the past few years. Photo via Flickr

It seems as though movies and TV shows get all the attention on Valentine’s Day. A more underrated media for this holiday is books, which can serve as the perfect vehicle to get lost in a love story. There is a multitude of new romance books that have been released in the past few years, and I will give a synopsis of a few of them.

The Perfect Letter

This romance novel was written by Chris Harrison, the host and producer of “The Bachelor.” Initially published in 2016, the book really gained traction when it was featured in an episode of the show this past January. In what was more of a commercial for the book than a segment, the participants in “The Bachelor” tried to pen their own romantic fantasies to mimic the erotic scenes in “The Perfect Letter.”

The story follows Leigh, a successful editor in New York City, who goes back to her home in Texas to get a break from her frantic lifestyle. Leigh is engaged to her boss, the typical good guy who just doesn’t have great chemistry with her. Once home, she reunites with her old high school flame, and things predictably start to heat up. Leigh is forced to decide between her polished life in New York, and her country roots in Texas.

I won’t spoil it, but I’m sure you have an idea of how it all turns out. “The Perfect Letter” is essentially “The Notebook” in book form. It should be enjoyed in the same way that Hallmark Christmas movies are: extremely cliché yet charming in the end. It currently holds a 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

The Invitation

Written by Vi Keeland, a New York Times bestselling author, “The Invitation” acts as a modern take on the story of Cinderella. A woman mistakenly receives an invitation to an opulent wedding, and decides to crash it. Once there, she dances with a handsome groomsmen, and has the time of her life. However, things go south once the groomsmen discover that she is not who she says she is, and she flees the wedding. She soon discovers that she left her phone inside, and you probably can’t imagine who found it.

The novel has been praised for its comedic banter as well as the slow burn romance that builds throughout the book. Compared to “The Perfect Letter,” “The Invitation” is much more subtle and unpredictable. It is certainly less of a guilty pleasure and more of a riveting read. It currently holds a 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

Not My Match

This book was written by Ilsa Madden-Mills, and follows the journey of a star football player who begins to fall in love with the girl he acts as a matchmaker for. When Giselle stumbles into the penthouse of the best wide receiver in the country, they immediately form a bond. He swears to protect her, and set her up with his famous friends. However, he finds himself increasingly jealous and realizes that he has intense feelings for her. He tries to stay neutral, because he’s a hardcore player and she is an innocent 24-year-old. Will his feelings for her spill over into romance? This novel is full of tension and is a classic page turner. It would be perfect to enjoy for Valentine’s Day, and really brings you into the story. The book currently holds a 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

These books range from number one bestsellers to a few under the radar picks, but I think any of them would make a great book to read around Valentine’s Day.

This story was written by Mason Stebnitz. He can be reached at [email protected].

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