Singing On


Photo by Sydney Czyzon

Many 10-year-old girls may find interest in video games, “The Greatest Showman,” hot pink and Ariana Grande. Not all 4th graders belt out the national anthem for the Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Bucks and Marquette University men’s basketball. But when someone starts harmoniously singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” at age 2, maybe it’s not surprising.

Liamani Segura still remembers the first time she sang in front of a public audience. She was 6 years old with butterflies in her stomach before performing at the school talent show. She sang on.

Four years later, she’s doing the same thing in front of an even bigger audience. The Milwaukee native just auditioned for “America’s Got Talent”, receiving a unanimous “yes” from all four judges. She now awaits a call-back. As she took the floor during the famous Marquette-Wisconsin rivalry basketball game, fans erupted. The energetic, ecstatic fans sing along. Channeling powerful singers she admires like Whitney Houston, Judy Garland and Michael Jackson, Liamani always sings her heart out.

“It was so cool to hear everyone singing that along (with) me,” Segura says. “I was cheering for… Marquette. They were crazy and having fun. I had a blast.”

As she continues to make singing videos, her hopes are to grow up and be like her mother, who is a nurse.

Her goal is to be a singer and a doctor. That way she can sing to the patients, and hopefully they can get better.

“I just like singing to people. Hopefully they’re happy and I touch their hearts. It’s amazing, and I want to thank all those people out there who support me and come along this musical journey with me,” she says. “It’s amazing to have people knowing that they have my back for me and it’s just … awesome.”