Rocking Red

Red in fashion often means three things: bold, bright and powerful. One does not slyly wear red lipstick, red kicks, casually wear a red dress to class or red heels to a meeting. Whether it be a gown on the red carpet or simply red earrings to the grocery store, red is a statement.

One of the best ways to wear red is through accessories. Pair a bright red lip color with an all-black outfit to immediately elevate the look. Go all out and pair a bold red jacket with any sort of black base. In men’s fashion, a red tie pairs well with a black dress shirt and pants. For a more subtle look, a simple red scarf is a great way to incorporate red through the winter months.

Red earrings can transform a simple outfit into something that pops. Red shoes can add an essential accent. Red lipstick can tie the whole ensemble together. Red high tops or a red snapback accents an outfit without making too bold of a statement. While some may stray away from red in fashion, embracing the trend can add simple yet bright statements to one’s style every day.