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Carpenter Tower offered cookies, tuck-ins and stories in 1981

Tribune photo from 1981 of the tuck-in service in action.

This is the first of many throwback stories celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the printing of The Marquette Tribune.

At the end of the long day, doesn’t a professional tuck-in with milk and cookies sound good? According to a Marquette Tribune story from Nov. 20, 1981, Tower Hall, now called Carpenter Tower, used to have just that.

Kathy Miller, a member of the tuck-in staff in 1981, described what the the tuck-in service did in the 1981 Tribune article.

“We bring a storybook, milk and cookies,” Miller said. “The person gets into pajamas and we tuck them in.”

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A two-member team would go around to different rooms, bringing milk and cookies to students before they went to bed. The service also offered a bedtime storybook.

The service cost just $1 per room, which paid for the milk and cookies. If the room was a triple or a double, everyone in the room would be tucked in.

Any extra money from the service would go toward a block party or semi-formal dance. The service ran from 10 p.m. to midnight Sunday through Thursday.

Tower Hall’s council sponsored the service and said it promoted hall spirit. According to the old Tribune story, a flyer that advertised the service said it would “make all your dreams pleasant.”

Steven Peach, current Carpenter Tower hall director, said the service is no longer available.

“I don’t know how effective the service was back in the day,” Peach said. “But I don’t think students would pay for a service like this today.”

Drew Gabaldon, Carpenter resident and sophomore in the College of Business Administration, said he believes the service is a good idea to meet people, but he is unsure how realistic it would be today.

“It’s a good thought because who doesn’t want milk and cookies,” Gabaldon said. “I personally just don’t sleep at the same time every day, so I wouldn’t invest.”

Some people might wonder if there are any mental benefits to being tucked into bed.

Ed de St. Aubin, the assistant chair of Marquette’s psychology department, said he did not believe there were benefits.

“There is no good science that address this topic,” St. Aubin said in an email.

Doug Whitney, another resident of Carpenter and a sophomore in the College of Engineering, said he would personally feel uncomfortable.

“I’m not really an outgoing person,” Whitney said. “So I would feel weird.”

However, he said he could see some students enjoying the service.

“Some students would benefit and enjoy the company,” Whitney said. “I think girls probably more than guys.”

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