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BIGGI: Politics should not be a family affair


BIGGI new12016 is a ways away. Unfortunately for the American public, though, the campaign for president has already begun, and this time it features a couple of outdated political figures.

Time and time again, people talk about how the country focuses on the presidential election too far in advance. Many blame the media, but many politicians unofficially start their presidential campaigns more than four years before the election.

Barack Obama won the 2008 election under the promise of “change.” People will have their own opinion of whether that change became a reality, but who will be the person of change in 2016? America wants to see change, and frankly, it still needs it.

If Hillary Clinton were to run in 2016, she could become the first female president in United States history. She leads every prospective opponent, Republican and Democrat, in polling with ease. Her policies are in line with Obama’s, and she is an incredibly experienced politician. But that’s the issue.

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Almost every undergraduate at Marquette was born under Bill Clinton’s presidency. It is well known that Hillary played an active role in shaping public policy throughout her husband’s eight years in the White House. She went on to become a senator, presidential candidate and Secretary of State. We know Hillary Clinton.

Hillary’s greatest obstacle to the presidency is considered to be another familiar name: Bush, Jeb Bush.

Two of the last four presidents had the surname Bush. Even disregarding the policies of Jeb’s father and brother, something seems wrong.

Both Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are practiced politicians, but, as far as advocates for change, neither stands out.

The United States thrives under the ideals of democracy and the right to vote. This country is not a monarchy, and if the 2016 election were to come down to a Bush–Clinton showdown, it would be far too reminiscent of the 1992 election when Bill Clinton defeated incumbent George H.W. Bush. We would backtrack 24 years instead of moving toward the change the country voted for in 2008 and 2012. 

News pundits always blab about the state of the Republican Party, and yes, it is experiencing a time of rebuilding. But when it comes to the executive branch in 2016, the Democrats have all their eggs in one basket at this (admittedly early) stage. Obama’s approval ratings are declining constantly, so it is understandable why a candidate like Hillary would be up next in the roll call, but another Clinton isn’t the start of anything new.

On the other side, the Republicans have a plethora of young guns in addition to Jeb, a moderate who is known for being lenient on immigration. He’s the former governor of Florida and believes in more funding for education, which he made known a couple of weeks ago when he spoke at the Irving Conference with, you guessed it, Hillary.

The American political system should not allow established candidates from a few wealthy families to control Washington. We need someone new if we really expect change to happen.

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