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STAFF EDITORIAL: Safety concerns at 16th, 17th and Kilbourn

The Department of Public Safety should be aware of the fast-moving cars at Kilbourn Avenue and 16th and 17th streets, and work with the city of Milwaukee to install stop signs to protect students from getting hit.

Stop signs on Kilbourn Avenue help reduce speed, but as cars speed around the corner on 16th Street and Kilbourn, students risk stepping out in front of zipping traffic.

This area of campus is highly residential. When students cross the streets, especially at night, their risk of being hit increases.

Speed remains an issue for other areas on campus like Wells Street and Wisconsin Avenue. However, the medians on Wells and Wisconsin have reduced driving speed.

We applaud the university’s efforts in constructing the medians, and hope similar action will be taken to improve these two areas at Kilbourn and 16th and 17th.

DPS should also enforce the stop signs, particularly at 15th and Kilbourn. Drivers often sail right through, narrowly missing students.

Marquette students should feel safe walking around campus and know DPS has their back.

DPS considers students’ safety and concerns as a top priority, and students should use DPS as a resource for voicing safety concerns so the department can use its authority to deliver results.

If students find an alley that is too dark or a corner where a blue light phone should be added, DPS has said it will promptly respond to students’ requests.

On a regular basis, DPS Crime Prevention Officers conduct security surveys both on and off campus.

DPS works with its colleagues in Student Affairs, Public Affairs, and Facilities Services to implement recommendations from those surveys.

For example, students voiced their concerns last year by informing DPS they were not taking the LIMO when they needed to travel from one end of the campus to another because it took too long.

Based on student feedback, Student Safety Programs developed the LIMO Express service, which was implemented almost immediately and replicated by other universities.

We commend DPS for responding quickly to safety issues.

Now, we hope DPS will bring speeders to a stop and secure the safety of Marquette students.

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  • H

    Henry ThomasDec 1, 2009 at 12:40 pm

    I am actually glad that this editorial addressed this concern. Student Government has actually been meeting with the city alderman, administrators from the office of public affairs, and DPS officers on addressing this same concern. Stephanie and I actually met with the Alderman and raised the issue of pedestrian safety regarding 16th and 17th street on campus. We invited Alderman Bauman and his city planner to walk these streets with us and they did. They are looking into traffic calming ways and are now working with us, DPS, the university architect, and the office of public affairs.

    I am glad that more attention has been brought to it and we will be sure to share this article with the Alderman and other proper administrators. We look forward to keeping you more informed as progress is being made