Dorm Delicacies: Treats for spooky season


Photo by Katie Craig

The cold fall weather and haunted holidays inspire spooky snacks.

Need a quick Halloween party snack while looking for costumes? Here are some cute and easy treats you can make that are dorm friendly and absolutely fang-tastic. 


White Chocolate Strawberry Ghosts 

These adorable white chocolate strawberry ghosts are the perfect treat to choose if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth and only take an hour. 

 What you’ll need: 

  • 6 Strawberries 
  • 1 Bag of white chocolate melts  (comes with 144 pieces) 
  • 1 cup of milk chocolate melts 
  • Parchment paper 
  • Microwave- safe bowl 
  • ziplock/pipping bag 


  1. Warm up the white chocolate melts in a microwave-safe bowl and follow the directions on the back of the package. Repeat with the milk chocolate melts. 
  2. Wash and dry the strawberries, and then dip them in the white chocolate. 
  3. On parchment paper, take some of the melted chocolate and create a tail for the ghost, then place your strawberries onto the parchment paper.
  4. Put the milk chocolate in a ziplock bag/pipping bag and cut a small slit in the corner of the bag. 
  5. Use the bag to draw 2 circles for eyes and an oval mouth on each strawberry to create the ghosts.
  6. Put them in a fridge for 30-40 minutes until the chocolate is solid and you’re done! 


Apple Peanut Butter Teeth 

This fast, easy and healthy meal is perfect if you’re in a rush. It is simple to make and you might already own some of the ingredients!


  • 1 apple 
  • A jar of peanut butter 
  • A bag of mini marshmallows 


  1. Cut the apple into slices, and try making them as small as possible. 
  2. Put about a teaspoon or two of peanut butter on each slice. 
  3. Then put a row of mini marshmallows across one apple slide. Put the other apple on top and sandwich them together. Press until they stick, and smile back at your creation! 


Crescent Mummy Dogs 

Mummy hot dogs are perfect as a more filling snack and consist of a longer process, but will wrap up your Halloween perfectly! 


  • 1 can of Pillsbury original crescent rolls or 1 can of refrigerated Pillsbury Original Crescent Dough Sheet. 
  • 2 ½ slices of American cheese, quartered (2.5 oz)
  • 10 Oscar Mayer hot dogs (or any hot dogs of your choice) 
  • Cooking spray
  • Condiments if as desired 


  1. Preheat oven to 275°F
  2. If you are using crescent rolls, unroll the dough and separate it at perforations creating 4 rectangles. Press perforations to seal. 
  3.  If you are using the dough sheet, unroll the dough and cut it into 4 rectangles. 
  4. With a knife or kitchen scissors, cut each rectangle lengthwise into 10 pieces- making a total of 40 pieces of dough. Slice the cheese into quarters (½ slide cheese, cut in half)
  5. Wrap the 4 pieces of dough around each hot dog and ¼ slice of cheese to look like bandages. 
  6. Stretch the dough lightly to cover the hot dog. About ½ inch from one of the ends of each hot dog, separate the bandages so the hot dog shows through for the face portion. On an ungreased large cookie sheet, place wrapped hot dog (cheese side down); spray dough lightly with cooking spray. 
  7. Bake for 13-17 minutes or until the dough is light golden brown and the dogs are hot. With mustard or ketchup, draw two dots for the eyes.

This story was written by Isabella Flores. She can be reached at [email protected].