BEG: Trump’s border wall calls for increased Hispanic outreach


Photo by Flickr

Trump’s wall proposal highlights the need for increased opportunities for the Hispanic community.

Trump’s decision to build a wall on the border between the U.S. and Mexico is what caused his 2016 presidential campaign to stand out and receive more exposure than other candidates’. Despite his inability to answer any questions about his wall plan accurately or reasonably, his followers were still thrilled about the idea and voted for him anyway.

Now, the wall continues to be an issue that Trump fails to grapple with any legitimacy. The recent government shutdown was the longest in all of American history. This was due to the fact that the president fails to collaborate with the House or Senate to reach a compromise. Instead, he continues to push impossible and unjust conditions and expects others to follow.

The mere fact that the wall is still being discussed as a possibility furthers the xenophobic and racist attitudes in this country. Trump and his supporters’ desire for the wall creates dangerous rhetoric about Mexicans. Wall supporters are constantly harassing and being racist toward Hispanic people through their discussion about the border, and the supporters are just hiding behind the façade of a political discussion to do it.

Instead of furthering the discussion about the presumed danger Hispanics pose to this country, the conversation shift to discuss the need for greater opportunities and acceptance for the Hispanic community. By giving more exposure to Trump’s xenophobic rhetoric, it perpetuates the ignorant stereotypes he delivers. Instead, the public and the media should emphasize the need for greater outreach for Hispanics.

A step in the right direction would be greater electoral organization to support local people of color that are running for office. Voter suppression of minority groups must be stopped in order for people of color to win and protect their cultural and immigrant communities. The last election showed the beginning of this movement with the highest number of Hispanics elected into Congress. The greater activism and encouragement for the Hispanic community will cause greater focus on their people and create an opportunity to counter the harmful stereotypes toward Hispanics in this country right now.

Politicians must also reach out more toward the Hispanic community and immigrants in their constituency. Officials are responsible for their entire local community even if it includes Hispanics, African-Americans and other groups. They all have specific concerns and needs for their people that are being ignored.

There is also so much diversity in the Hispanic group itself that each sect within it probably has different contributions to society that are not always understood. They play an important role in the country, and their priorities must be emphasized alongside those of their white counterparts. This will cause politicians to have wider perspectives and make changes in the government that will allow for acceptance of Hispanic communities.

Trump and his supporters have harassed and oppressed the Hispanic community ever since the beginning of his campaign. This suppression can cause Hispanics and immigrants to lose hope and feel discouraged enough to believe they have no real chance in this country. This is why there must be even more effort to support Hispanic people through actions such as promoting Hispanic businesses. There is a need for increased Hispanic economic advancement, but the way they are placed in society causes them to fall behind.

Increased support can also come from encouraging civic engagement from the millennial generation. The Aspen Institute, a nonprofit think tank located in Washington D.C, currently is working on projects to activate millennial Hispanic civic power, which can decrease the political barriers the community faces for the future. More projects like this must be implemented to deter the Hispanic community from facing the backlash and hatred they receive now.

The more time the American public spends on entertaining the building of the wall, the more racists and other ignorant people will feel comfortable with the racial profiling, harassment and imprisonment of Hispanics and Mexican immigrants. More research on the Hispanic community in America can always be done to become knowledgeable on what opportunities must be opened to create strides for Hispanic people.

Trump is trying to cut out Mexicans from the thread of the American identity when in reality, they are and have been so vital to the foundation of the United States. Instead of putting attention on building a wall, there must be steps taken to broaden the horizon for Hispanics in this country.