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A&E’s top 10 shows of 2015

With the end of the year approaching, here is a list of the top 10 TV shows from 2015.
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It is an exciting time to be fan of television. The FX research department believes that at some point next year we will have over 400 shows of scripted content across the various networks.  It is impossible to watch everything that came out this year, but here is a list of the top 10 TV shows of 2015.

10. “Justified”

“Justified” went as the underdog of FX’s dramas.  However, something was fun to watch through all this bleakness. The final act takes us back to the shows origins, Raylan versus Boyd Crowder and trying to bring him back into jail. Each episode built on top of the previous one like lego bricks, culminating in one of the best send offs to a television drama since the ending of “Breaking Bad.” Once you were suck into this world, you never wanted to leave Harlan alive, you wanted to stay there forever.

(Seasons 1-5 are currently streaming on Prime Video. Season 6 TBA)

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9. “Gravity Falls”

Creator Alex Hirsch built a word of imagination and mystery as to how “Gravity Falls” is so bizarre from the rest of the country. It showed that growing up does not mean having to lose what made your childhood special. Many cartoons often pander to kids believing that they are incapable of what is being present in front of them.

People, make more cartoons and shows like this. It makes spending time with your siblings or the kids you are babysitting more enjoyable.

(Currently airing on Disney XD and Disney Channel)

8. “Master of None”

“Master of None” is a brilliant addition to Netflix. Whether it was finding love in New York City or highlighting the many issues in Hollywood and society in general, “Master of None” was the best new comedy of the year.  The cast was sublime and it was even better to see people like Eric Warehelm and Noel Wells have work outside of the “Tim and Eric Show” and “Saturday Night Live” respectively. Netflix has yet to announce if there will be another season out next year, but if this is all we get, it was a blast getting to spend time with these people.

(All episodes are on Netflix)

7. “Mad Men”

Matt Wiener launched AMC back into the programming business with this smart and gripping  show set in the advertising world during the 1960s in New York City. Out of every show ending this year, there was nothing better than the last chapter of “Mad Men.”

(Seasons 1-7 streaming on Netflix, Season 7.5 TBA

6. “The Americans”

“The Americans” is currently one of the best shows on TV. The endgame was set up in the final few minutes of a stellar third season. “The Americans” may be one of the most disturbing espionage dramas on the air, but once you are in, you are never going to want to stop watching these spies try to serve their home country back in Soviet Union.

(Seasons 1 and 2 streaming on Prime Video)

5. “Last Week Tonight”

John Oliver’s weekly news show on HBO is once again the best example of Jon Stewart’s influence. “The Daily Show” may have a new exciting host, but right now the best satirical news program of its nature is “Last Week Tonight.” John Oliver uses the freedom given by the network to tackle a variety of different issues in an often-entertaining way.

(All episodes are on HBO Now or HBO Go)

4. “Review”

A man whose sole purpose is to review nothing but life experiences, this season of “Review” went even crazier. It was a much darker show, but it was also one of the funniest things Comedy Central has ever aired. Andy Daly can keep this cult classic show going for years as long as he can keep finding bizarre life experiences.

(All episodes are currently streaming on Hulu)

3. “Bojack Horseman”

Perhaps the biggest improvement any show has seen this year, season two of “Bojack Horseman” finally figured out what worked so well in the latter half of the first season and applied it throughout the new batch of episodes. These characters try to deal with life and possibly depression and isolation in an ultimately tragic but amazingly funny way. It is powerful, and it is unlike anything else on the air right now. Add in some surprise cameos from major celebrities and you not only have one of the best cartoons on TV, but one of the best shows about life itself.

(All episodes are up on Netflix)

2. “Rectify”

“Rectify” is a delight. It made watching paint dry captivating. Ray McKinnon has given each of these characters a great deal of pathos so the audience can better relate to them, and feel for them when tragedy or terrible circumstances come their way. Its story can wrap up at anytime, but the more time we can spend with the Holden family, the better off we all are. Its acting, outstanding writing and gorgeous scenery makes not only one the best shows to date, but one of the best shows of all time.

(Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Netflix. Season 3 TBA)

1. “Fargo”

It is the closest thing to a near perfect television since the days of “Breaking Bad,” “The Sopranos” and “The Wire.” The performances from the new cast members like Patrick Wilson and Nick Offerman are great. The writing is great with more comedy and Coen Brothers references that will fan is heads explode with joy. With shows like “American Horror Story” and “True Detective” diving off the deep end in quality, it is nice to see an anthology series work so well, when the odds were against it.

(Season 1 streaming on Hulu. Season 2 airing on FX)

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