Quidditch wins inaugural home tournament

Marquette defeated Minnesota to cap off perfect weekend


Photo courtesy of Matthew Fiebig

Club Quidditch went undefeated in its first home tournament this past weekend, going 7-0 and beating Minnesota in the finals to win the tournament. It was the club’s first tournament championship of the season, and the first tournament the club has ever hosted.

Club president Matthew Fiebig said the tournament was an overall success and was an exhausting experience.

“Every tournament there’s going to be little things that come up but they were very minimized, nothing major happened, just being able to play as a team and go 7-0 and be undefeated throughout was—it was a relief,” Fiebig said. “It consumes a lot of energy, at the end of the day we were basically just collapsed, glad it was over.”

Fiebig said the success of the tournament is getting the club noticed by other clubs around the region.

“It’s a big step for the club to show that we are an organized team, to host our own tournament and have it run smoothly was a big step,” Fiebig said. “ For other teams to say that ‘hey, Marquette ran this tournament well, we want to come to it next year’ that kind of thing, it just helps build our reputation in the region.”

The club wants to make hosting the tournament an annual event following the past weekend’s success, with a possible home tournament in the upcoming spring as well.

Playing in front of a home crowd for the first time ever helped the team capture its first championship of the season.

“I think (club members) loved (playing in front of a Marquette crowd), a lot of family members came up, there was a lot of camaraderie, a lot of parents finally got to see what crazy sport their kid got into,” Fiebig said. “Winning our first home tournament was pretty awesome to show people that we’re a pretty good team.”

The club’s next tournament will be regionals Nov. 21-22 in Macomb, Illinois.