Schroeder rooms in drying phase after weekend flood

Natalie Wickman, Executive News Editor

As Schroeder Hall undergoes repair after a weekend flood, the goal is to have the displaced students back in their rooms by the end of the week.

Schroeder Hall Director Ishmael Miller sent an email on Monday with information about the cleanup process, which is being done by BELFOR Property Restoration. The flood started Sunday morning after intentional activation of a fire hose on the sixth floor. There was no evidence of a fire, according to the Marquette Police Department.

“The rooms are in the drying phase of the cleaning process, this should take another day or two days in most rooms,” Miller said in an email. “After drying is complete, the vinyl base replacement and carpet cleaning will take another two days.”

An upward of 18 rooms sustained water damage, and those residents were relocated to Cobeen Hall and O’Donnell Hall. MUPD is investigating the situation. Schroeder’s Assistant Hall Director Erin O’Neill said the hall’s carpet doesn’t need to be replaced.

Affected residents took items from their rooms and are being advised not to go back in until the cleaning is done. Furniture is drying on Styrofoam blocks in the affected rooms, and other items are being stored in Schroeder’s basement fitness room. O’Neill said staff is helping students work with insurance if they have damaged items.

Cara LaBelle, a Schroeder resident and sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences, got water in her room and is sleeping in Cobeen for the time being.

“Schroeder has a very musty smell, and I have allergies and asthma so it has been hard to walk in the building let alone my own room,” LaBelle said in an email. “Cobeen is not a bad alternative to a musty, unlivable room, however, having to completely switch where my home is overnight, really added another large stressor to my plate.”

Claire Smart, Schroeder resident and sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences, said the situation is pretty upsetting.

“To know that it was a student that caused this makes it that much more frustrating because it could have been prevented,” Smart said in an email. “It’s a shame people had so much stuff damaged.”