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Marquette Gyros and Sobelman’s debut new delivery services


Hoping to capitalize on the number of students choosing to remain indoors during the winter months, Marquette Gyros and Sobelman’s have both recently begun delivery service.

Sobelman’s delivery service began about a month before Christmas break, with a single delivery person on a bike paid solely by tips. According to owner Dave Sobelman, the biggest hurdle for delivery so far has been making students aware of the service.

“We’ve had trouble getting the word out,” Sobelman said. “I’ve instructed my bartenders answering the phones to say, ‘We are now delivering,’ but other than that we haven’t publicized it much.”

Marquette Gyros also started a delivery service this semester. Since Jan. 13 Gyros has been delivering from 4 to 10 p.m. with only a $1 fee for orders under $10.

“We tried delivery back in 2009, but since we didn’t offer it during the dinner hours, it wasn’t very successful,” said Dena Dallis, daughter of owner Gus Dallis. “We started it back up again this year during dinner hours, and so far it’s been pretty successful.”

To gain publicity for its new delivery service, Gyros mailed out flyers with its menu and delivery times.

“People have been pretty excited about it, and so far it has been successful,” Dallis said. “We have a great reputation, because we’ve been at Marquette for so long. So I think as long as there is a demand, we’ll continue to deliver.”

Despite the rocky start to the Sobelman’s delivery service, business has been good for the restaurant, which opened its Marquette branch in 2011. Snowstorms and freezing temperatures have done little to dissuade students from eating out.

“Even during winter, students always seem to come in on the weekends,” Sobelman said. “It’s crazy – even during a snowstorm kids seem more excited, and business is great.”

So far, many students remain unaware of the two restaurants’ delivery services, though they reacted positively upon learning about them. Heinz Schelhammer, a senior in the College of Business Administration, he didn’t order delivery because he hadn’t known about it.

“I did not know that Gyros or Sobelman’s were going to start delivering,” said Schelhammer. “If any of us were to order food at my house, it’s most likely Chinese or some pizza place.”

Matthew Sledz, a sophomore in the College of Business Administration, said the two restaurants’ new service appealed to his sedentary lifestyle.

“Sometimes I’m way too lazy to leave my room on the weekends,” said Sledz. “I really like that Gyros and Sobelman’s have both started delivering – this way I never have to leave.”

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