Marquette student, alumnus help apprehend battery suspect

batteryA battery suspect was apprehended by Department of Public Safety and Milwaukee Police Department officers outside McCormick Hall late Wednesday night. A Marquette student and alumnus aided officers in stopping the suspect, who allegedly committed two separate instances of battery on the 1900 and 1600 blocks of West Wells Street, according to MPD’s dispatch report.

Peter Wagoner, a senior in the College of Communication, and Karl Bolter, a 2007 Marquette alumnus, said they were walking back from Mass at the St. Joan of Arc Chapel when they saw the suspect running across the 16th Street parking lot toward McCormick. The two said they ran after the suspect, who then headed toward the bushes on the east side of the residence hall.

Bolter had participated in grounds crew work for the university in the past and said he knew there was an opening in the bushes where the suspect could have escaped. Bolter and Wagoner said they ran parallel to the suspect, then Bolter circled around the bushes and blocked the suspect from escaping. A public safety officer then jumped on top of the subject and officers were able to detain him, Bolter said.

After being caught, the suspect turned to Wagoner and Bolter and said, “You guys are good guys,” according to Wagoner.

Some residents of McCormick said they then saw officers dragging and carrying the resisting suspect into a police van.

Brian Letke, a freshman in the College of Business Administration and a resident in McCormick, said he saw part of the incident on his way home from Raynor Library. He said he initially thought the suspect was an intoxicated student.

“Then we saw him running and get tackled,” Letke said. “He was spitting and cussing and the officers called for shackles.”


Many residents watched and cheered from their windows as the suspect was taken away.

Bolter and Wagoner said the suspect was a black male with shoulder-length dreadlocks, 5-foot-11 to 6-feet tall and of a heavy build. Wagoner said he was cleanly shaven, and held a cigarette in his hand throughout the chase.

DPS Lt. Michael Briley said there were about eight total officers at the scene.

Joey Kimes contributed to this story.