H1N1 case confirmed on campus

Marquette Student Health Service confirmed Tuesday the university’s first on-campus case of H1N1 flu, commonly known as swine flu.

The student involved has self-isolated, but the university will not say whether or not the student is still on campus, said Tim Olsen, a Marquette communication manager.

“We don’t give out info about individual cases,” Olsen said.

He said the university learned of the confirmation Tuesday. Faculty and students were alerted via e-mail the same day.

From now on, the university will not maintain a count of people on campus infected with H1N1 per health department recommendations, he said.

“The health department is not requiring or recommending additional testing once a case has been confirmed at a location,” Olsen said. “If people have additional symptoms of the flu, they’re still supposed to contact Student Health Services, but they’re not supposed to be tested.”

Olsen said this was to prevent people from infecting others at health care providers, and only people in high-risk categories should still be tested.

“The main thing that we need students to know is to take common sense preventative measures, like washing hands and staying away from campus if they are ill,” Olsen said.