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Bo Ellis compares current MU uniforms to ’70s Warriors

Mike Cianciolo

February 19, 2014

Bo Ellis, Marquette forward from 1973-1977, appreciates MU's tribute to the 1970's with their current uniforms, but says the Golden Eagles style doesn't compare to the Warriors.

Bo Ellis ‘Untucked’ interview with MUTV Sports

Mike Cianciolo

February 19, 2014

While on Marquette's campus for the screening of Danny Pudi's ESPN 30 for 30 film "Untucked" about the Warriors' 1977 National Championship uniform, Bo Ellis - the creator of the jersey - sat down with MUTV Sports. He discusses...

Bo Ellis Interview with MUTV’s Mike Cianciolo

Mike Cianciolo

July 8, 2013

Legendary Marquette Warrior Bo Ellis spoke to MUTV's Mike Cianciolo about his upcoming ESPN Film's 30 for 30 documentary with Marquette alum Danny Pudi called "Untucked" and Marquette Golden Eagle basketball.

GRESKA: Which MU jersey tops the totem?

Andrei Greska

September 13, 2011

Last Tuesday, Marquette Athletics tweeted a peek at the new uniforms for the men's basketball team. Reaction around the interwebs has been highly polarized. You're either drooling all over yourself, counting down the days un...

Former MU basketball star Maurice Lucas passes away

Dominic Tortorice

November 2, 2010

Former Marquette basketball star Maurice Lucas passed away Sunday evening at age 58. Lucas, who passed at his home in Portland, Ore., died after a long bout with bladder cancer. He had surgery for the cancer in 2009. Lucas...