New ‘Plant Powered’ Grill expands on-campus dining options


Outside of the plant powered grill in the commons.

Looking for a new, eclectic and sustainable place to eat on campus? Or do you possibly have dietary restrictions? The Plant-Powered grill, located The Commons, is a new dining option being added to the Marquette Campus.

Executive Chef Anthony Damico and the Marquette dining staff said they are very excited to announce the Grill and cannot wait to get started.  “Not only are we are introducing new concepts for students, but we are introducing new culinary techniques to our staff that will elevate their culinary ability and our guests dining experience on campus,” Damico said.

This is the first plant-based grill available on campus and it is another step towards making sure  all diets of students and staff is acknowledged and represented.

“The Marquette Dining Services team has worked hard to bring sustainable eating habits to campus. We hope that  ‘Plant Powered’ shows the student and faculty of Marquette that we are listening to their requests and feedback and making changes to our dining program accordingly,” Damico said. 

The grill is opening with an option of six different meals.

Entrees available at Plant-Powered include Mediterranean Cauliflower Bowl, Tuscan Chickpea Stew, Stuffed Poblano Peppers.  Meals are offered with the homemade condiments and toppings offered.  Meals are also available on vegan bread or a lettuce wrap.

The grill is also offering Limited Time Offers to students and staff.  This is to present a variety of vegan and sustainable meal options instead of the ones offered everyday.

All ingredients are sourced from Morningstar Farms, and Chef Anthony Damico said her is very pleased to be working with them on this ambitious project.

“Morningstar has been one of the leaders in the plant-based food revolution and have provided us with the education to match the products we serve. They have been key in assisting with dietary information and processes throughout the development of this program” Damico said.

Clare Fitzgerald a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences dined at the Plant Powered grill for lunch one day.

“This is my first time eating here…I got the incog-meato burger with the fruit salad; it was really good”, Fitzgerald said.

The Commons Operation Director Kyle Kouri is very excited for the grill to be added to The Commons.

 “This is something the students have been asking for and have seen an increasing demand for.  We realized that while Simple Servings is a great tool for us to have it doesn’t accomplish all the dietary choices that people necessarily make,” Kouri said.

The food at “Plant Powered” in the Commons will be available to students as soon as they arrive on campus.

This story was written by Connor Baldwin. He can be reached at