University provides updates regarding non-tenure-track faculty


Photo by Jordan Johnson

Plans for finals have changed due to COVID-19.

The Participating Faculty Task Force Implementation Team, which continues to meet virtually, announced an update in an email to faculty earlier this week.

These updates included the implementation of a process for regularly awarding multi-year contracts in accordance with the provost’s existing policy. Fifty full-time non-tenure faculty have or will receive three-year contracts and additional multi-year contracts will be awarded.

A $400 course cancellation compensation payment for part-time participating faculty members has been created. It will be issued in cases where courses are canceled prior to the start of the semester but after a contract has been signed.

The email also discussed professional development funds of more than $10,000 in future years and mentioned that a full-time participating faculty salary study is underway.

A NTT social hour will take place virtually May 6.

The task force identified four additional recommendations that they will address next. This included providing formal evaluations for all participating faculty on a regular basis, creating a clear set of titles for participating faculty that correspond with a pathway to promotion, ensuring promotion standards exist in all colleges and establishing mechanisms to formally recognize participating faculty for excellence.

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