Best new Netflix shows guide

Here are 5 movies that are on Netflix and that everyone should see before Halloween this year.

Photo by via wikimedia commons

Here are 5 movies that are on Netflix and that everyone should see before Halloween this year.

While enjoying a restful fall break, it is common to snuggle up under the covers with a good Netflix show. For those in need of new entertainment, Netflix has released several binge-worthy shows perfect for a night in. Eight of the bunch have been selected and briefly described here to satisfy those urges to binge.

“Riverdale”: For those who are fans of teens solving crimes, “Riverdale” is a perfect choice. Based off the Archie comics, the show is set in the sleepy town of Riverdale which becomes upset by the mysterious July 4 death of Jason Blossom, the popular high school quarterback. When it is revealed that Jason’s death was a murder, main characters Archie, Jughead, Betty and Cheryl pick apart the details to reveal what really happened that day. Though the plot can be lacking, the show does not fail to entertain with its blend of high school struggles, a mysterious crime and a touch of romance.

“Peaky Blinders”: Flash back in time with this Netflix show to get a glimpse of a different side of the Roaring Twenties. Set in England, this loosely-based historical drama focuses on the life of Thomas Shelby, a WWI vet who decides to revamp his social standing by becoming the crime boss of his family. Themes of power and deception run rampant as other gangs battle it out for crime world supremacy with the Shelby family. This is a good pick for fans of “Game of Thrones,” “Westworld,” “Narcos” or anyone interested in historical fiction.

“Maniac”: This very recent release has critics raving and is sure to leave viewers’ heads spinning with each new episode. Starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill, this show is best categorized as not so distant-futuristic science fiction. The plot follows two troubled young adults (Stone and Hill) who volunteer for a drug treatment trial that advertises greater results than the typical mainstream drugs or therapy. The show follows the sometimes nonsensical dreams of Stone and Hill, interweaving the two dream worlds as they attempt to overcome their struggles in their altered states.

“Dear White People”: For any viewer interested in race relations, “Dear White People” is the way to go. The show follows Samantha White, an African-American student on a predominantly white college campus who attempts to change race relations through her radio show “Dear White People.” The show begins with outrage over a blackface party that was held on campus, but then evolves into many more examples of racial tensions. The episodes follow the storyline from different perspectives: Samantha, her white boyfriend and her African-American friends. “Dear White People” is successful in bringing lingering racial tensions to light in ways the viewer may not know about depending on their race.

“The End of the F***ing World”: This show is not your traditional romance. The premise is initially frightening but intriguing: “The End of the F***ing World” tells the story of James, a teenage self-diagnosed psychopath who decides to murder a girl for the first time, having only killed small animals in the past. James decides to date Alyssa, a girl at his high school with a troubled background of her own, with the intent of killing her, but instead winds up feeling things he never thought he could feel. While initially difficult to like, the two characters grow as the story progresses. The fast-paced nature of the episodes make this a binge-worthy show.

“Big Mouth”: Amid powerful dramas, mysteries and social justice shows is this refreshing comedy. “Big Mouth” is an adult-rated, animated show which follows the journey of best friends Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman through sixth grade as they maneuver puberty. Common characters on the show also include puberty monsters that plague the sixth graders and get them into trouble. “Big Mouth” offers a creative take on middle school and provides plenty of laughs throughout. And Netflix just released the show’s second season two weeks ago.

“Mindhunter”: Another binge-worthy show, “Mindhunter” grabs viewers’ attention from the beginning and slowly builds into a grand finale. “Mindhunter” could be categorized as yet another crime show but it also slips into a category of its own. The show focuses on FBI analyst Holden Ford as he investigates some of the world’s most notorious serial killers. Holden’s character develops as the plot progresses and his life becomes affected by his daily interviews with killers. A gripping view into how the mind of a psychopath works and its effect on those who attempt to understand them, “Mindhunter” offers depth and perspective to its viewers.

“Chef’s Table”: This show offers a great option for fans of documentaries or the Food Network. “Chef’s Table” follows several renowned and prosperous chefs through their journeys to success. Each episode features a new chef, new cuisine and a new backstory. The show is well made and does an excellent job of featuring various dishes while making the person behind the food the focal point of the story. Ripe with themes of struggle and success, “Chef’s Table” is sure to inspire watchers to strive to achieve their dreams.