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Alpha Xi Delta and Kappa Sigma Suspended
    Photo by Austin Anderson
    Alpha Xi Delta sorority and Kappa Sigma fraternity are both facing suspension for conduct violations. Photo via Austin Anderson/ [email protected]

    Alpha Xi Delta sorority and Kappa Sigma fraternity are both facing repercussions for conduct violations.

    Alpha Xi Delta has been suspended through the 2017 fall semester. The Office of Marketing and Communication’s Brian Dorrington said Alpha Xi Delta was found in violation of the university’s alcohol and hazing policies.

    Dorrington said that hazing, in this context, is creating an environment that encourages and induces pressure on new members to consume alcohol.

    “No drug policy violations were at all a part of the investigation or charges brought against Alpha Xi Delta,” said Corey Lansing, director of campus activities and student involvement in the office of student development the Office of Student Development.

    The terms of the suspension were passed down after a formal hearing with the Office of Student Development. The sorority will also be subject to organizational review.

    “The chapter is forbidden to host any social events at the Alpha Xi Delta house or off campus, participate in any mixers with other organizations or reserve or use university space,” Dorrington said. “As part of this decision, the organization also has to work with university and national headquarters staff to create and implement a chapter improvement plan.”

    Lauren Felts, from the national Alpha Xi Delta organization, released a statement that the chapter had its recognition by the university revoked but will continue to recognize the chapter as active.

    “It is prohibited from holding non-approved meetings until all educational terms have been met,” Felts said. “We are committed to assisting our chapters and members in realizing their potential. Once the chapter meets the expectations and terms the national fraternity and the university have set forth, we will continue assisting our volunteers and chapter members in areas of risk management, chapter leadership and member development.”

    Alpha Xi Delta chapters receive a CARE handbook at the beginning of the year outlining rules and guidelines set by the national organization. CARE stands for Communication, Action, Responsibility and Education. There are specific anti-hazing and alcohol safety policies outlined within the handbook.

    Every member of the chapter has to sign a CARE contract. Part of this contract legally states chapter members cannot disclose information about transpired events.

    “Education, training and accountability of actions will remain a focus,” Felts said. “We are confident that the chapter will become stronger and look forward to working together with the chapter and the university throughout this time and beyond to ensure Alpha Xi Delta at Marquette University remains a strong chapter that is committed to maintaining the high standards of excellence that Alpha Xi Delta requires of her chapters.”

    As of April 6, Kappa Sigma is also suspended for an incident involving their removal from Jack’s American Pub. A member of the Jack’s American Pub staff confirmed that there was a situation involving the fraternity at a recent party. Kappa Sigma is currently appealing their case to get their suspension shortened. They were found to be in violation of the university’s alcohol policy. The suspension includes a halt on their pledge process, cancellation of any social events at the Kappa Sigma house and an inability to participate in mixers or reserve university space. Kappa Sigma’s president refused to comment.

    “Education is an essential component to any disciplinary action, and Kappa Sigma will need to develop a comprehensive three-year chapter improvement plan,” Dorrington said. “It is important that I reiterate how seriously I take this. Marquette has a comprehensive alcohol policy that we enforce.”

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