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Templin to amp up Annex

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Max Templin, guitarist and Marquette music sensation, prepares for a performance this coming Thursday. He is one of four performers featured at the Union Sports Annex.

Max Templin, a senior in the College of Communication, is a musician who is familiar to the Marquette music scene. As the two-time winner of the Marquette Spotlight Talent Show, Marquette Radio’s Rockathon and numerous other performances at Marquette, Templin is an important name on campus. Thus the MUSG-hosted event “Annex Acoustic” Thursday, Sept. 15 from 9-11 p.m., is another performance Templin can add to his extensive resume.

When Templin decided to pursue music at the age of nine, he began by learning how to play the guitar. From there he and his younger brother created a band with two school friends known as “No Idea,” based on the fact that the 13-year old and the others legitimately had no idea as to what the band name should be.

With the help and support of parents and family friends, the punk pop band “No Idea” was able to take shape and perform across small venues in southeastern Wisconsin. This shaped and developed Templin’s love of music as well as performing.

“Honestly, I never really get asked why I do what I do, because in reality music is the greatest hobby and outlet I have,” Templin said. “The fact that I can write songs as a way to hash out my personal life, while entertaining others is the best feeling. It’s incomparable.”

Templin drew inspiration from his uncle, who shared a passion for music.

“What’s really interesting is the fact that my uncle had a band in college and he would always talk about how much he loved performing with his friends and how great it felt to connect with an audience,” Templin said.

Contrary to his uncle, Max is now a solo artist.

“Unfortunately, due to college and time constraints, it really wasn’t feasible for the band to remain together,”  Templin said.

His disappointment did not deter him from continuing to write and perform music.

“My uncle always tells me that giving up music was one of the worst decisions of his life, so I always think of that as motivation to continue to embrace music,” Templin said.

To Templin, singing and songwriting is so cathartic it is essential to his everyday life. He could not give it up. From the breakup of the band on, Templin performed at school-wide events as well as distributed his music to local bars, restaurants and the music sharing site ReverbNation.

His classic rock style mixed with acoustic guitar and a great stage presence not only create successful shows, but have also led to offers for him to perform at events. Through a contact from a previous performance, this summer Templin was able to perform twice at the Summerfest Harley-Davidson stage.

Similar to every senior in college, the future is always looming overhead. However, Templin already knows what he wants his future to look like. Surprisingly it is not a career in music, rather a sports-based media and planning career.

Although Templin is a journalism and digital media major, his job working for the Milwaukee Bucks as a social media and event planner is something he really revels in.

“I really love working for the Bucks and with sports in particular, which is especially funny because I am a senior studying journalism,” Templin said. “I love music, but I never want to become tired or resentful of it.”

Templin said artists that put their career in music often do not enjoy the amazing feeling that comes from performing. Performing for them becomes a task and a job. Templin would love to have a nine to five job, while performing on the weekends. He wants to keep the feeling of performing and getting an audience excited, without growing tired of it.

Unfortunately for fans, Annex Acoustic will be Templin’s last show for a while. Templin said that the school year and other obligations force him to focus on other responsibilities.

Annex Acoustic is a free event being held at the Union Sports Annex.

Charlotte Hingley, a senior in the College of Communication and member of MUSG, said that Annex Acoustic was a departure from previous Marquette unplugged shows in the Brew Bayou.

“Max Templin was so popular they wanted to contract him out in order to have a show that would bring in his fans and students,” Hingley said.

Annex Acoustic will have free, catered food in addition to a dinner and show ambiance. Templin is just one of four guests scheduled to play at Annex Acoustic.

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