New Adopt-a-Block program will pilot this semester

Natalie Wickman, Executive News Editor

The Community Engagement Committee is piloting a new program called Adopt-a-Block on campus this fall for Greek life organizations.

The tasks involved with adopting a block include making sure trash is cleaned up and reporting safety hazards like broken street lights. Greek life will be adopting the blocks north of campus during the pilot.

Kelly Walker, advisor to the Community Engagement Committee and a freshman in the College of Arts & Sciences, said she hopes the program can expand to other campus groups in the coming years.

“The program is free to groups, but a lot is expected of participants in terms of time commitment,” Walker said in an email. “We’ve invested in gloves and trash pickers to support the program.”

The Community Engagement Committee is run through Marquette Student Government.

“We hope that this program will help bolster a sense of pride in our neighborhood and remind all participants to be good citizens and have a personal stake in the community,” Walker said in an email.