RESULTS: Tournament of Things Elite Eight


Voting in the Elite Eight of The Turnip’s Tournament of Marquette Things ended today. The Turnip thanks you for voting and hopes you will continue to do so in the Final Four and championship game. Here are the Elite Eight results.

Sobelman’s vs. Joan of Arc, Walk Sign is On vs. Al McGuire

#1 Sobelman’s: 65%
#2 Bro Yo: 35%

EXCELLENCE REGION (restaurants/bars) champ: Sobelman’s


#12 Joan of Arc: 84%
#11 Bradley Center: 16%

FAITH REGION (misc.) champ: “Walk Sign is On”


#8 LIMOs: 31%
#15 “Walk Sign is On”: 69%

FAITH REGION (misc.) champ: “Walk Sign is On”


#1 Al McGuire: 54%
#3 Chris Farley: 46%

LEADERSHIP REGION (people) champ: Al McGuire