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How do Marquette students use Netflix?
Netflix online. Photo by Brittany McGrail/[email protected]

Rapidly spreading across the Marquette campus is Netflix, the media streaming site that allows its monthly subscribers access to unlimited streaming of TV shows and movies. If you haven’t heard of Netflix by now, it’s likely that you either live in a cave or you recently sold your soul to Amazon Prime.

Streaming over thousands of titles, Netflix offers a wide variety to target a vast audience. We interviewed these four students to see the effects Netflix has among some Golden Eagle undergraduates: Freshman in the College of Education Mackenzie Birck (MB), Sophomore in the College of Business Administration Matt Scheibel (MS), Junior in the College of Communication Alex Liss (AL) and Senior in the College of Health Sciences Francis Landoy (FL)


1) Roughly, how many hours per week do you spend watching Netflix?

MB: On average, I would say I watch seven hours a week.

MS: I spend roughly 20 hours with the bulk of it coming on the weekends, and a little bit during the week.

AL: I watch three to four hours, depending on my weekend plans.

FL: I usually spend around six hours a week watching Netflix.


2) Which TV shows/movies do you find yourself watching the most?

MB: I watch “The Office,” “Parks and Recreation” and “New Girl” the most for TV shows. I watch various movies, depending on my mood.

MS: Currently, I’m watching comedy shows and movies. Right now, I’m watching “That ‘70s Show” and “Friends” and I just saw “Anchorman 2.” I’m also waiting for the new season of “House of Cards” to be released in February so I can finish that series.

AL: “Scandal,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “New Girl.”

FL: I usually go right for the Disney classics to watch when I’m bored, but I love watching random horror films with friends. “Family Guy” is always a go-to. I’ve been meaning to start some new shows too, like “Orange Is the New Black.”


3) How would you describe binge watching? Have you ever done this?

MB: Binge watching is starting a TV show or movie series earlier in the day and watching it until it’s dark outside, without getting up to really do anything productive. When I get sick or I feel I deserve a lazy day, I’ll binge watch.

MS: In my opinion, binge watching is dedicating more than six hours a day to watching Netflix. And yes, over breaks and long weekends I usually binge watch on Netflix to avoid doing any homework that might be due.

AL: Binge watching is spending a socially-unacceptable amount of time watching anything on Netflix in one sitting. You might not think it’s irrational to spend 10 hours watching “Grey’s Anatomy,” but your roommate is probably judging you. If anyone says they haven’t binge watched shows on Netflix, they’re lying.

FL: I would describe binge watching as long periods of time where all you do is continue a series of movies or episodes without stopping. I think I’ve only done that once when I was sick.


4) A lot of students spend time watching Netflix as opposed to doing homework or working out. Why do you think that’s so?

MB: Most students start a TV show or movie marathon on Netflix to take a small break in the day, but then the website only gives you 15 seconds to decide if you’re ready to start something productive, and you end up watching a lot more than you intended to.

MS: Netflix is more entertaining than going to exercise or doing homework. Why waste a couple hours stressing over accounting and sweating up a storm at the gym when I can crash on my futon and just watch Netflix and catch up on memories from old shows or see new, exciting thrillers like “House of Cards?”

AL: It’s so easy to stay cooped up in your little blanket burrito in your bed clicking “Watch Next Episode” than to get up and face the bitter cold outside to get to the gym. As long as you don’t forget to be social and interact with other humans, who cares if you watch Netflix whenever you want?

FL:  I think people spend time watching Netflix instead of other things because it’s simply more comfortable. Sitting around and watching movies and TV reminds me of lazy days at home. I’m probably just wanting to be home and relax when I watch Netflix.


5) Which movies/TV shows would you like to see added to Netflix in the near future?

MB: I would like to see more of the old Disney Channel shows, like “That’s So Raven” and “Lizzie McGuire.”

MS: If there was one TV show I would add to Netflix, it would be “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” The show is entertaining and funny at the same time, but it also emphasizes the importance of family.

AL:  I want any show (ever aired) on TLC on Netflix because I’m currently not getting that channel in my apartment. Otherwise, “Basketball Wives” is pretty good, too. Judge me.

FL:  I want to see more of the classic cartoons we used to watch as kids. I’d like to see cartoons like “Doug,” “CatDog” and “Angry Beavers!” I’ll always be a little kid.

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