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Sideshow: Turkoglu finds true meaning of the game

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It can be hard interviewing athletes sometimes. You have a well-crafted question all set to go, yet you get a one-word answer. Not helpful. But in Toronto Raptor forward Hedo Turkoglu’s post-game interview from last Thursday’s game against New York, he took helpfulness to a new low:

Reporter: “You came out tonight early and aggressive. What was different for you tonight in terms of just setting the tone in this game?”

Turkoglu: “Ball.” (Several seconds of awkwardly standing there).

Reporter: “…The ball in your hands. And you did a lot with it.”

Turkoglu: “I really have nothing else to say.”

Well said. Recently, I was lucky enough to score a fake interview with Turkoglu. His responses will be taken directly from’s Word of the Day archives.

Eric: “Hedo, coming out of the NBA Finals last year with Orlando, you find yourself in the middle of the East playoff race with a new team. What’s been the biggest difference this year?”

Turkoglu: “Mondegreen.” (Look this up. It’s extremely appropriate.)

Eric: “Uh … as a veteran, who have you taken under your wing?”

Turkoglu: “Panjandrum.” (Tim Donaghy?)

Eric: “Um, yeah, okay. Thanks for your time.”

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