Sideshow: Halftime Hodgepodge

The absence of a Sideshow last week due to Easter break resulted in double the potential stories for this one, including a Minnesota Twin who struck his own mother with a foul ball during a game. But, alas, there can only be one winner, and this story has captured my imagination.

Burnley midfielder Kevin McDonald (of the English Premier League) is a man with his priorities well in line. After being substituted at halftime, his team already down 5-0 to Manchester City, McDonald did what any rational, defeated Scotsman would do: he went to the pub.

Accompanied by family and friends, McDonald left the grounds and traveled to a nearby bar, where he watched the second half of his own game over a couple pints, epitomizing the phrase, “**** it, let’s get drunk.” City went on to win, 6-1, and McDonald was fined for his behavior.

Could you imagine being a Burnley fan and running into him there? I can see him shouting at the bartender, “Yeah, this game’s over, trust me. Put on Arsenal already.”