University lobbies government officials

Marquette University is one of seven Milwaukee County organizations that have spent a combined total of $10,000 lobbying county board officials, according to data released from the Milwaukee County Clerk.

The university paid $892.64 to hire a lobbyist, Mary Czech-Mrochinski, to work with county officials, according to the data. That data is from the period of Jan. 1 to June 30.

Rana Altenburg, vice president of the Office of Public Affairs, said this is a normal expense.

“Marquette routinely works with Milwaukee County officials on a variety of issues, including higher education and campus development in our campus community,” she said. For example, the university lobbied the city government in order to facilitate the construction of the Wells Street median, Altenburg said.
The main role of the university’s lobbyist is to attend meetings and conduct research. The university is not currently pursuing any specific initiatives, she said.