Marquette Wire

EDITORIAL: University must protect student tenants from problem landlords

March 21, 2017

“Eye to eye: Renters' silence spawns issues” published today tells the alarming account of a recent alumnus who, after having his bathtub sink through the floor in his off-campus house, struggled with his landlord about hi...

EDITORIAL: Avoid the rental rush

September 19, 2013

Every year within a few weeks of the start of school, the hysteria begins. The scramble for off-campus housing has sophomores and returning renters convinced they need to sign leases now, eight months before they even begin. It happens every year and needs to end ...

ORL assists student post-fire

Derrick Chengery

February 4, 2010

A raging fire sparked earlier this month is under investigation after it left a Marquette student homeless and shut down a popular local business. Matthew Olson, a senior in the College of Engineering, was made homeless after...

October brings lease signing rush

Jennifer Zahn

October 20, 2009

Residence Life aims to dispel housing myths It’s that time of year again. According to students and landlords alike, October heralds the beginning of lease-signing season, with a deluge of students applying for off-campus housing. But why the r...