Marquette Wire

Creative types find home in Art Club

Sarah Elms

October 14, 2010

Marquette has a pretty well-deserved reputation as a school that doesn’t have a strong art community. So the fact that they’ve had an established Art Club for almost a decade might come as somewhat of a welcome surprise. Art...

Haggerty’s ‘Pairings’ shows unexpected parallels

Kaleigh Ward

November 19, 2009

Whether or not it is immediately apparent, context influences everything. A film, a simple statement or even a piece of visual art will be understood differently depending on the time and place in which it is presented. Ev...

Exhibit unveils eclectic work of Warhol’s last decade

Kaleigh Ward

September 24, 2009

Every college student knows about Andy Warhol. At least the trendy ones do, or they pretend to. Nevertheless, Warhol’s name is universally recognized while the names of most other contemporary artists remain somewhat unfamiliar...