Marquette Wire

Student group focuses on LGBTQA issues at forum

Melanie Lawder

March 26, 2013

The Gender Sexuality Alliance “brought the rainbow” to Marquette at a forum Thursday to discuss issues affecting the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and ally community. One of the most prominent topics of conversation...

‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Smell’: Allow gays to openly serve in the military

Paco Nava

December 7, 2010

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) is the term describing our country’s standing law that prohibits the military from discovering or revealing closeted gays, lesbians and bisexual service personnel, while banning those who...

NAVA: Same-sex marriage is our generation’s great debate

Paco Nava

September 7, 2010

This summer, one song easily held radio waves and dance clubs ransom across the country. Katy Perry’s addictive “California Gurls” boasts the sunny, carefree lifestyle of the Golden Coast. But there was another pop culture...

Academic Senate condemns Arts & Sciences dean decision

Dominic Tortorice

May 10, 2010

The University Academic Senate passed a resolution Monday condemning the process of the failed College of Arts & Sciences dean search, as well as the university's decision to rescind its offer to an open lesbian. The Senate, h...

MUSG meeting addresses O’Brien controversy

Tony DiZinno

May 7, 2010

The last Marquette Student Government meeting of the semester did not elapse without discussion of hot-button issues and passing of several pieces of legislation. Chris Miller, vice president of Student Affairs, talked with...

Wild admits mistake with Arts & Sciences dean offer

Christopher Placek

May 7, 2010

University President the Rev. Robert A. Wild says the offer made to Jodi O’Brien to become the next dean of the College of Arts & Sciences was made prematurely without “as much due diligence as was called for.” “We deeply regret our mi...

MU rescinds dean offer to lesbian professor

William O'Brien

May 6, 2010

UPDATED STORY: “Wild admits mistake with Arts & Sciences dean offer” Marquette’s search for a College of Arts & Sciences dean has ended in controversy over the rescinding of an offer to a lesbian professor. ...