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Top Albums This Decade (So Far)

Ricky Labrada, Assistant Music Director

February 27, 2019

Ranking albums is always a difficult task to do as no two people have the same taste on this largely subjective matter. Long gone are the days of "Dark Side of the Moon" and "Abbey Road," instead the age of singles has taken ov...

New Music! (for me anyways)

Adam Ballent

October 23, 2012

Hey music fans! I was listening to a band I personally discovered for the first time at SummerFest, the Walkmen. One song of theirs that is particularly popular that I like is "The Rat". The skill and intensity from Matt Barrick ...

The Show Must Go On – The Basement on Broadway

Hannah McCarthy

April 22, 2012

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The Bullpen 4/12

Bryan Dee

April 12, 2012

We're back on the air today with another great interview on slate! 2012 Marquette Basketball Commit TJ Taylor will be calling in and interviewing on the show today! Feel free to post any questions you'd like us to ask him by commenting below or posting on our Twitter feed, @MURadioBullpen. Also, ...

¡Oye! Everyone – William Beckett interview on 4/12

Alex Alvarez

April 12, 2012

Hey ¡ Oye! listeners! Be sure to tune in to our show today from 2-3:30pm for Mr. William Beckett (formerly from The Academy Is...) will be interviewed by yours truly. We'll be talking about his newly launched solo career,  new Walk The Talk EP, and everything else under the...