Historic Third Ward offers something for everyone

Perhaps the most vibrant neighborhood in all of Milwaukee is the Historic Third Ward. Tourists and residents flock to this area to participate in the medley of food, art and fashion.

Ryan Litsheim, the senior market assistant at the Milwaukee Public Market, believes that the balance of modern amenities and historic appeal of the Third Ward is the reason why the area receives the influx of visitors. The Public Market plays a significant role in the attraction towards the Third Ward.

Litsheim said The Public Market draws nearly 1.4 million visits annually to the neighborhood. Its diverse products range from fresh seafood to sandwiches prepared on the spot to tasty desserts. The Public Market also offers cooking classes and private events. In all, the vibe of the Public Market is extremely welcoming and invites all cravings to be satisfied.

A part of the Third Ward that attracts so many people are the clothing stores, such as Anthropologie and Lululemon— a clothing store that also offers yoga classes. Gus Austin, a freshman in the College of Communication, said that the Clearwater Outdoor Shop is his favorite store to go to in the Third Ward.

“I really like the brands that the Clearwater Outdoor Shop brings in,” Austin said. “I always seem to find something that fits my style in there.”

The Milwaukee Kayak Company offers the ability to kayak through the rivers surrounding the Milwaukee area. The Kinnickinnic, Milwaukee and Menominee Rivers are all available for kayaking, as well as Lake Michigan. Avery Sells, a freshman in the College of Business, has explored the rivers of Milwaukee courtesy of the Milwaukee Kayak Company.

“Kayaking in the rivers was a great activity that my friends and I all enjoyed,” Sells said. “It’s great to see Milwaukee from a different viewpoint.”

The Historic Third Ward is home to numerous stores and shops that offer all kinds of great activities and entertainment. The Third Ward has a destination for everybody —  daily grocery shopping in the Public Market, a slice of pizza on the river at the Riverfront Pizzeria, or maybe just a casual meeting at one of the area’s great cafes.