Valentine’s Day: A hit or miss on campus


February 14, what a day. A day when it is completely acceptable to confess your love to a total stranger, hopefully to have him or her less freaked out than usual, a day when you will discover how many of your friends are actually in relationships and a day that provides the setting for some of the best and worst stories.

On Valentine’s Day, we’re all hopeful that Cupid will come and strike us with his bow of romance. However, at Marquette Cupid’s arrow either hits or misses with the ladies.

“One Valentine’s Day, a boy had my best friend deliver me a box of chocolates,” said Melissa Balitaan, a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences. “When I opened it, it did not have any chocolate but a letter and a mix CD. The first line of the letter was: ‘There’s no chocolate in here because you don’t need that.'”

Throwing it back to freshman year, Amanda Berghuis, a senior in the College of Business Administration, recalled an incident that happened to her McCormick roommate.

 “My roommate got chocolates from a boy who ran into our room in McCormick, dropped them on her bed and ran out,” Berghuis said. “I kid you not. I sat there, and he didn’t even say anything to me. But, he had texted me to warn me before, which made it even weirder.”

Valentine’s Day isn’t always bad though.

Marisa Filter, a senior in the College of Engineering, told her V-Day experience: “Two years ago, my boyfriend and I ate movie theater hot dogs and watched ‘The Lego Movie.’”

Amanda Hermsen, a junior in the College of Communication, also had a successful Valentine’s Day endeavor.

“Last year my boyfriend (ex, now) and I ate pizza, wings, and ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner at a hotel watching all five ‘Twilight’ movies,” Hermsen said.

In elementary school, Emily Nelson, a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences, had a happy February holiday.

“It was fourth grade and I got a Valentine’s Day card from my hunky and extremely manly crush, and I was so happy until I opened it. It said: ‘Happy Valentine’s Day, Emily! P.S. My mom made me give you one,’” Nelson said.

In the event that you find yourself single this Valentine’s Day, alumna Michelle Romano has the perfect advice.

“My best friends and I, who all happened to be single on Valentine’s Day, went on a big date together and ordered $100 steaks.”

Well, steaks might be out of your price range, but Chinese food is just as satisfying.

Only five more days until Cupid graces us with his presence, excited to see what love and romance memories to ignite for students this year!