Twitter Tuesday: best photography accounts


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Looking for some interesting pics to spruce up your Twitter feed? Check out these accounts for some of the best photography this social media site has to offer.

1. History in Pictures @HistoryInPics

Since 2013, this account has been “sharing the most powerful and entertaining historical photographs ever taken,” as explained in its biography. The account features multiple photos a day of moments in history that remain memorable. A majority of the pictures feature famous or noteworthy people.


  1. Brandon Stanton @humansofny

As the creator of Humans of New York, Stanton began his journey with photographs of people in the city that he met in the streets and asked them questions. The project evolved and was turned into a bestselling book as the stories of those around New York are shared with a series of portraits or photographs featuring the subject.


  1. Nat Geo Photography @NatGeoPhotos

If the magazine isn’t easily accessible to you, this account is the perfect spot to see the incredible photography for which Nat Geo is known. The photos also feature links to the stories so Twitter followers can read about other photos that may have been taken for the piece.


  1. Sports Illustrated Vault @si_vault

Digging up all things sports is what this account does best. SI Vault shows some captivating photos from history including Lebron James in high school and a wonderful shot of Ben Roethlisberger in his middle school days.


  1. Cute Emergency @CuteEmergency

A daily dose of cuteness if always allowed and definitely seen with the most adorable photographs of animals you will ever see. Puppies in bowties, puppies sledding or puppies running through a field, this account knows how to brighten your day with such cute photographs.