Students partake in Movember

School of Dentistry raises awareness for men’s health issues

Rachel Kubik

For students at the School of Dentistry, it is the norm to look sharp and professional for their job. Men with mustaches usually keep their mustaches trimmed and well-kept. However, the male students put all rules aside and grew out their facial hair for Movember, a men’s health issues awareness foundation.

The Movember Foundation supports projects related to prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity. Participants sign up on the Movember Foundation’s website either solo or in a team. The American Student Dental Association has a team.

“We raise money and raise support. We (support) breast cancer awareness, and we (support) oral cancer awareness. This is just (time for) men’s health awareness,” said Malea Blise, a third year dental student, ASDA membership chair and in charge of the support system for Movember.

Blise said that this is another way to support holistic health, or health for the entire body, not just oral health.

Colin Egan, a third year dental student, participated in Movember by growing a mustache modeled after Walt Disney’s. He said he wanted to help spark the discussion about men’s health issues.

“I found that men’s health is an easy topic to transition into when someone notices a caterpillar underneath your nose,” Egan said.

Blise said that the mustaches entertained patients because they were not used to it. Egan added that their mustaches kept the dental patients laughing all month.

The group had their “Stash Bash” Friday, Nov. 20. Everyone who attended had a mustache and women participated by wearing fake mustaches. After attendees voted, prizes were given out to three men. Best Overall Stache was awarded to Mike Martinsen, second year dental student. Colin Hirsch, third year dental student, won Best Dirty Stache and Brett Kelly, first year dental student, won most Creative Stache. The Stash Bash was a social event for the School of Dentistry, but all of the proceeds went to Movember. Blise said they raised over $600, exceeding their goal of $500.

Egan said he plans to keep his mustache even though November and the School of Dentistry’s fundraising efforts for the November Foundation are over. He said that since winter is coming, he wants to have a full beard until the spring.

Blise added that it would be awesome to see Movember spread to the undergraduate students.

“The more the merrier,” Blise said. “We don’t have a lot of ties to the undergrads because we’re kind of our own little sanctuary on 18th. If someone was interested in starting it on campus, I would be more than willing to talk to them.”