Wells street parking structure to undergo construction


Maintenance work on the Wells Street parking structure is set to begin Monday, May 18.

All vehicles must be removed from the structure by 12:01 a.m. on May 18, according to the Department of Facilities and Campus Services.

From May 18 through mid-June, the entire structure will be closed for everyone as construction is completed on the lower levels of the structure. Afterward, the structure will be re-opened as construction commences on the higher levels.

Most of those who park in the Well Street structure will be reassigned to the 16th Street structure, and clearance to park there will be added to the current gate cards. Current permits will be honored, according to the department.

A limited number of employees will be able to park in Lot F, at 733 N. 12th St., and those employees will be chosen based on seniority. Those chosen will be notified via email.

Questions can be directed to the university’s Department of Facilities and Campus Services. They can be reached at 414-288-1656.