Such meme. So column. Wow.

Such picture. So doge. Wow. Photo via

Such picture. So doge. Wow. Photo via

Such picture. So doge. Wow. Photo via
Such picture. So doge. Wow. Photo via

Memes are taking over the Internet one comic panel at a time. To explain the cultural significance and popularity of this phenomenon, Ms. Nowak chose to write this column in the form of a popular meme.


Internet meme. Short phrases. Cute dog. Such humor. Much loved. Wow.


All memes. Same basic idea. Different catch phrase. Many pictures. Few words. Simple for brain. Many sorts. All the types.

Philosoraptor. Such thoughts. Much contemplation. So deep. So dinosaur.

Overly Attached Girlfriend. Big eyes. Such scary. So attached. Poor boyfriend.

Dos Equis guy. So interesting. Such man. Whole world? Debatable.

But all popular. Many reasons.

Retell current events. Once boring. Now funny. Easy to remember. Such education. All the teaching moments. Kind of. Wow.

Easily adaptable. Change text. Same picture. New meme. Show friends. Friends laugh. Haha.

Meme spreads. Much sharing. Facebook posts. Twitter tweets. Reddit subreddits. All the sharing. Spread like fire. So fast. Wow.

So famous. Much stardom. Made to be shared. Creator forgotten. Don’t matter. Still meme. Only meme. All hail meme.

Bad grammar. Who cares?

New communication. Tell story. Make joke. Quick read, move on. Viral culture. All of the Internets. On phone. On laptop. In mind. Internet runs world.

Wow. Such scare.

Sorry. Back to meme.

No deep meaning. Many feels. Much humor. All the smiles. Main purpose. Only care. Life goal.

Much grafs. All the words. Such column. Still doge. Long live doge.