PLAYLIST OF THE WEEK: Songs for fall break

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1. Apple Peaches Pumpkin Pie” – Jay & The Techniques

Upbeat with a Motown feel, Jay & The Techniques are perfect for dancing around the kitchen while baking a pumpkin pie.

2. “Apple Scruffs”- George Harrison

Keeping with the fruit theme, this happy tune from everyone’s favorite Beatle uses some wobbly vocals and a Dylanesque harmonica to tell about the girls who used to hang outside the offices of Apple Records.

3. “Autumn Sweater”- Yo La Tengo

To slow it down a bit, ’90s indie royalty, Yo La Tengo’s song is a classic for fall melancholia. Wrap up in a blanket, drive in the rain, start a fire and sink into this song.

4. “Into the Mystic”- Van Morrison

Van “the man” Morrison’s swelling chorus and heartfelt lyrics make this one a classic to rock the gyspy soul in us all.

5. “September”

Who doesn’t love this song? Also the music video might be the greatest of all time. So fun. So seductive,. So shiny.