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Mice make Mashuda their new home

“Open Doors, Open Floors” is the accepted motto for most dorm buildings. But what happens when certain visitors impose or exceed their stay in Marquette residential halls? That is the exact situation occurring at Mashuda Hall, as some residents have spotted mice scurrying around the dormitory since classes resumed after Christmas break.

Hannah Kwiat, a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences and Mashuda Hall resident, said she saw a mouse in her room one evening after she returned to campus from Christmas break.

“My roommate and I heard our neighbor scream so we went to see what it was, and she said that she saw a mouse,” Kwiat said. “Then later that night I saw a mouse in my room also.”

Kwiat said she immediately notified her RA, but according to her nothing was done to combat the problem except a single mousetrap placed in her room.

Kwiat added that she has not received any further notices regarding the issue, and in turn this has created anxiety among many residents.

“Knowing that there were mice in Mashuda made my living experience uncomfortable, and I was scared to be in my room at all while this was happening,” Kwiat said.

Mashuda Hall RA Lauren Polich said Will Kill exterminators have made several visits to the building in order to combat the problem.

Polich added that Mashuda Hall is privately dealing with the issue. Regardless, she said residential employees have not been withholding information from residents.

Mashuda Hall Director Anthony Perez sent an email to all Mashuda residents earlier this semester in an attempt to outline the issue and procedural acts to control the problem, Polich said.

The email included preventative measures, such as cleaning dorm rooms on a regular basis (i.e. securing food packages) and avoiding placing towels in or outside doorframes, as mice may enter rooms in other manners.

Lane Richmond, a sophomore in the College of Nursing and Mashuda resident, said her roommate first found a mouse in their room in late January.

Regardless of Perez’s previous recommendations, Richmond said some residents affected by the problem have been placing towels under doors in an attempt to eliminate further infestations.

According to Perez’s email, preventative action is a foremost priority.

“Additionally, I encourage you to be proactive in maintaining a cleanly living space, and not waiting for a mouse sighting for encouragement to do so,” Perez wrote.

Monica Lawton, a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences and Mashuda resident, said about half the rooms on the fourth floor have encountered mice infestations, which in turn have generated uneasy feelings.

“My RA had a mouse in her room for about a week before she caught it and got it disposed of,” Lawton said. “It’s definitely a little unnerving knowing our place of residence is also a home to rodents, but because I haven’t seen any myself, it hasn’t been too bad.”

Lawton added that her RA initially called the Department of Public Safety to dispose of the mouse. However, they declined to help. She said Mashuda maintenance was finally called, although she said they were neither timely nor helpful.

“Everyone knows about the problem, but I haven’t heard anything from our hall director (aside from the email),” Lawton said. “I don’t think they’re trying to hide the problem, but they’re certainly not addressing it.”

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