The waiting really IS the hardest part

I’m all for bipartisanship. Really, I am. I like consensus-building and coming to agreement. But as I’ve watched President Obama take his stimulus package extravaganza on the road, trying to sell the plan to the American people, I’ve been puzzled. His stimulus package (or the version of it currently in the U.S. House of Representatives) has enough votes to pass without it.

So what’s all the waiting for? If Obama truly believes that the stimulus package is the best way to defibrillate our economy back to life, then pass the thing already! I know economists disagree on whether the stimulus will work or not. (I would argue that if this recession has taught us anything thus far, it’s that economists don’t agree on anything. But that’s another matter.)

Back in January, Mark Zandi, of Moody’s Economist, told CBS’ “The Early Show,” that “…the vast majority of economists on the liberal side, the conservative side, think we do need a stimulus along with other policy steps. But we need stimulus.”

And yet Obama is still playing ringmaster to “The Greatest Economic Stimulus Package On Earth,” searching for Republican support in every nook and cranny. Someone should tell this guy that he’s a president with a party majority in both branches of legislature. If he asks, he shall receive — without all the waiting.