Playlist of the week: Bullseye Records

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Marquee stopped by Bulls Eye Records, 1627 E. Irving Pl., to see what songs owner Luke Lavin was digging in the past week. Lavin said he was in a 1960’s frame of mind. Here are the songs and artists he recommends.

The Who –  “Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand”

“This song’s from one of my first favorite bands from when I was young.”

Kaleidoscope – “Kaleidoscope”

“I can’t think of any other instances where the song has the same name as the band. They’re a 1960’s British band, and they’re really obscure. Not even all record store guys have heard of them.”

13th Floor Elevators –“Reverberation (Doubt)”

“This is just one of my favorite bands. They just had a new box set come out last week.”

The Byrds – “Everybody’s Been Burned”

“A great seething break-up song. Thankfully none of that’s going on in my life, so I can just enjoy the song.”

John Fahey – “A Raga Called Pat”

“A cool experimental guitar piece with backward guitar loops. He plays the guitar, records it, then plays it backwards and plays over it again.”

Bulls Eye Records is a great spot to find some of your favorite artists on vinyl — the selection isn’t overwhelming, but offers mainstays like B.B. King, Johnny Cash, Van Morrison as well as more recent releases like Neko Case. Lavin is particularly helpful in navigating the genres as well as talking music, and the vinyl is in good condition and reasonably priced.

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