Pipe used in assult at 16th Street and Wisconsin Avenue

Three female suspects were involved in a brutal battery in front of McCormick Hall at about 4:22 p.m. Tuesday.

According to a Tribune reporter at the scene, the disturbance broke out as the result of a vocal disagreement between two females at the Milwaukee County Transit System bus stop on the corner of North 16th Street and West Wisconsin Avenue.

After an initial altercation between the two women, two other women in a nearby parked car exited their vehicle and joined the fight. The three women then overpowered the victim, knocking her to the ground.

One of the women from the car brought a 36-inch long piece of ¾-inch pipe from her vehicle and threw it at the victim.

The boyfriend of the victim attempted to break up the physical altercation without success.

More than 10 Department of Public Safety officers responded to the disturbance within minutes. Russell Shaw, associate director of DPS, was one of the officers to respond, stepping in front of a vehicle carrying some of the suspects in order to stop it from fleeing the scene.

The fight occurred after the victim allegedly stole a cell phone belonging to one of the suspects. The suspects were meeting the victim at the bus stop to exchange a sweatshirt that belonged to the victim for the phone.

DPS collected one of the suspects’ sandals and glasses from the area around the bus stop. Officers also recovered a 48-ounce bottle of Corona beer in a brown paper bag.

DPS officers also discovered a baby inside the car driven by one of the suspects.

The Milwaukee Police Department was called to the scene to aid DPS and take information from all subjects involved. Medical assistance was also requested for the victim.

One DPS officer was sent to the hospital for an injury he sustained while attempting to break up the physical altercation.

MPD has cited one of the suspects for battery and two others for disorderly conduct. None of the suspects are affiliated with Marquette.