Marquette Wire

‘What a life that good man lived’

Pat Simonaitis

March 25, 2010

As Marquette students passed through the Alumni Memorial Union Tuesday morning, one of the university's major benefactors was being remembered a floor above for his impact on their lives and the greater Milwaukee community. About...

Milwaukee philanthropist leaves a lasting legacy

Pat Simonaitis

March 23, 2010

Joseph Zilber, philanthropist and noted national real estate developer, leaves behind a legacy of good will and unmatched philanthropic giving to the City of Milwaukee, with myriad deeds and  dollars given back to his home ci...

STAFF EDITORIAL: Philanthropist honors his roots

March 23, 2010

Members of Marquette’s extended family share the utmost respect and gratitude for Zilber, who passed away last Friday, as he has helped revitalize Milwaukee. Expanding beyond simple monetary contributions, Zilber’s efforts...

Joseph Zilber dies at 92

Molly Newman

March 19, 2010

Joseph Zilber, namesake of the recently completed Zilber Hall, died Friday morning at 92, according to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report. Zilber donated $30 million to the law school in 2007, $5 million of which went to the...

From Pabst to present

Tim Seeman

September 29, 2009

From its humble beginnings in 1844 as a small brewery run by German immigrant Jacob Best, the Pabst Brewing Company grew quickly. Captain Frederick Pabst overtook operations in 1889 shortly after he married into the Best fam...