Euphoric return of ‘Euphoria’


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“Euphoria” returned for a second season Jan. 9.

This story contains spoilers for season two of “Euphoria.”

Packed full of violence, addiction and chaotic high school relationships, “Euphoria” captivates its audience every Sunday. They surround their screens to see if Rue (Zendaya) will finally overcome her drug addiction, if the truth about Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) and Nate’s (Jacob Elordi) relationship will come out and what other plot twists the producers have in store.  

HBO adapted Euphoria from an Israeli show with the same name and enlisted Canadian rapper Drake as an executive producer. After airing the first season in 2019, “Euphoria” gained a loyal following. Now, “Euphoria” has returned for a second season with its talented cast, and the show has managed to grab new viewers. The new episodes are released at 9 p.m. EST on Sunday nights.

“I started watching it because everyone said season two was coming out and I hadn’t even seen season one,” Mari Crowley, a first-year student in the College of Communication, said. “Basically, I started watching it because my friends were watching it.” 

Whether they’ve been a dedicated fan from the beginning or have only been watching for a few weeks, the audience is excited to see where the crew takes this season. Plotlines, such as Cassie and Nate’s secret relationship, grabbed everyone’s interests, putting them on the edge of their seats. The new season has viewers like Lizanne Donnelly, a first-year in the College of Arts & Sciences, invested in every second and wondering just what could come next.

“I think it’s a lot more drama now that the storylines and characters were laid out in season one,” Donnelly said. “[The characters] are developing and changing and it’s a lot more interesting because we already have that precursory knowledge, so it’s learning what they’re doing with that.”

Each episode is packed with new twists and turns, which only intrigues the viewers more. The unexpected plot points are part of the show’s character, and they hold onto the attention of their audience. However, there are a few things that students would like to change. 

“I would have Rue go to the hospital, be admitted and go through the whole rehab process again,” Lorelai VanGuilder, a first-year student in the College of Communication, said. “Maddy and Cassie should not be friends anymore; I don’t know why they were even friends in the first place.” 

Despite the desired changes, some of the audience can’t wait to see what happens next. Some people have their own predictions for the rest of the season, but only time will tell. 

“I think someone is going to get close to death, for sure,” Crowley said. “I hope Cal Jacobs figures out who he is and goes on to lead a life that’s not full of abuse and hatred.” 

With the height of the season coming closer, some viewers are worried about the characters and their potential fates.  

“My favorite character is Fez because I feel like I can relate to him out of most of them since he doesn’t really cause a lot of drama and he takes care of people,” Vanguilder said. “I think Fez could die but I don’t want to put that into the universe.”

“All I hear is that someone is going to die and I think that might be Cal because he’s had growth as a character,” Donnelly said. “That’s something you see a lot in TV where a character presents change within themselves, but then they never get to fully live with that change.”

The suspense of the show is part of why viewers keep coming back. “Euphoria” is known for being unpredictable and the audience continues to watch so they aren’t caught off guard.  

For some fans, watching the newest episode is a bonding experience. They gather and host watch parties with their friends, and their reactions are only amplified when they are together.  

“Normally, I go to my friend’s room, and we’ll all sit and watch all together, like a family,” VanGuilder said. 

The show has brought people together and generated memories for them. “Euphoria” has been a wild ride for some viewers, but some can’t wait to see where it goes next.

This story was written by Izzy Fonfara Drewel. She can be reached at