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Artists to look out for in 2022

With the start of the new year, everyone could use some new artists to add to their rotation. Marquette Radio predicts bright musical futures for these ten artists.

Flipturn (629,000 monthly listeners)

Hailing from Fernandina Beach, FL, the group of four conquers indie and hard rock. Lead singer Dillon Basse’s emotional, powerful vocals are unparalleled and have the ability to shake the ears of any listener. Flipturn plans to tour with beloved bands Mt. Joy, Rainbow Kitten Surprise and Wilderado this year.

Virginia Man (49,800 monthly listeners)

Virginia Man is a four-piece rock ‘n’ roll group with songs that urge you to turn the volume up and drive with windows down. Ranging from sweet, mellow acoustic to edgy guitar riffs, the Fredericksburg, Virginia natives encompass various tangents of rock music. The group went from playing small venues in their home state in 2016 to now touring all over the eastern half of America.

The Districts (307,000 monthly listeners)

The Philadelphia-based indie, post-punk band flirts with garage rock sounds and hints of folk-rock. The Districts’ raspy, hardcore vocals couple with loud drums and intense guitar for an explosive vibration. The band has been touring the U.K. with plans to tour all over America in anticipation of their new album “Great American Painting” which will be released Mar. 11.

Briscoe (9,000 monthly listeners)

Briscoe is a toe-tapping, southern rock duo based in Austin, TX that incorporates a variety of instruments including jazzy saxophone, acoustic strumming and fingerpicking banjos. The duo, Philip Lupton and Truett Heintzelman, have been playing around Texas for over two years, but this year have been invited to play festivals in Arizona and Georgia. The duo will also be joining the popular band, Caamp, for their shows in Texas.

Ivers (25,000 monthly listeners)

Ivan Mann, Henry Hughes and Megan Fritz make up the Minneapolis trio that is Ivers. The indie group’s elegant breed of fresh, lo-fi beats and nostalgic lyrics are intimate and warm. The band was produced by Whistler Allen of the popular band, Hippo Campus, and has been promoted by the group on their social media as Ivers performs around Minnesota.

Bugsy (21,400 monthly listeners)

Bugsy is another Minneapolis band that specializes in indie pop/punk and employs themes of feminism, youthfulness and frustration through hardcore guitar and drums. Lead singer, Emily Schoonover, carries the team with her emotional, distressed vocals that bear an incredible range. The zealous group has put out three singles and one EP since 2020 and continues to gain a following as they play shows all over the Midwest.

Senite (23,400 monthly listeners)

A born and raised Chicagoan, Senite is a hip-hop solo act with no boundaries. Her beats are raw and groovy, and her versatile vocals perfect rap and soul-singing. Senite has put out one single and four EPs since 2020, and her frequent releases promise more quality music to come.

These Days (5,000 monthly listeners)

An alternative rock group from Orange County, California These Days’ sound is incredibly developed and distinct. Their style is riddled with heavy guitar and ethereal vocals expressing reflective and honest lyrics. The band is on fire, releasing eight original songs in less than two years, and their top song “Periwinkle” has gained over 200,000 streams on Spotify.

Night Cap (40,000 monthly listeners)

Night Cap is an Austin, Texas-based indie rock group that embodies soulful vocals and innovative instrument usage, as they can be heard hitting drum sticks together for a shockingly beautiful sound on their lead track, “Everest.” The band has been playing venues in Texas and their most recent release, “From Me,” is a slow jam that pays tribute to Night Cap’s ability to produce a variety of tunes.

Early Eyes (251,000 monthly listeners)

A five-piece group that straddles genres of pop and indie rock, Early Eyes is a groovy testimony to the bounds of rock music. It is remarkable that Early Eyes’ top songs have gained over three million streams on Spotify, yet the band has not even released a full album yet. As they tour the Midwest, their debut album will be released Feb. 25 and guarantees more funky dance-worthy beats.

This story was written by Clare Lindstrom. She can be reached at [email protected].

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About the Contributor
Clare Lindstrom, MUR Programming Director
Clare Lindstrom is a senior from Skokie, Illinois studying Digital Media and Music. In her third year on Marquette Radio, she will serve as the Programming Director for MUR. In her free time, Clare enjoys playing guitar, running, and watching new movies. This year, Clare is excited to grow closer with members of the Wire and plan on-campus music events.

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  • W

    Winta GFeb 18, 2022 at 8:24 pm

    Nice job Clare, loved how you added the music to your journal, so the readers can listen to it!!!

  • K

    Kelly BurdenFeb 11, 2022 at 7:36 am

    Once again Clare Lindstrom’s reporting nailed it!
    I can’t wait to check some of these out !