Just Brew it: Coffee club helps students find what makes their perfect cup of coffee


Just Brew it: Coffee club helps Marquette students find their perfect cup of coffee

Even though the nickname “Brew City” is commonly referred to for Milwaukee’s selections of beer, Just Brew it: Coffee Club allows students to experience the “Brew City” in a new way by connecting students through their love for coffee. 

Just Brew It: Coffee Club aims to help Marquette students find what constitutes their perfect cup of coffee.

“I don’t think there is just one thing that makes a good cup of coffee and that is why this club tries a different cafe every time. To try and find the best cup of coffee in the city, however a good barista is really what can make or break the coffee experience,” Cami Ellis, co-president of Just Brew It: Coffee Club and senior in the College of Business Administration said in an email.

The club brings together students by going to various coffee shops throughout the Milwaukee area. The club acts as a way for students to both connect socially and sample the Milwaukee coffee scene.

“Coffee club is about exploring Milwaukee through the city’s coffee shops. It gives Marquette students the opportunity to get a feel for Milwaukee’s bus system while getting to know other coffee enthusiasts on campus!,” Francesca Mancini, Co-president of Just Brew it: Coffee club and Senior in the College of Arts & Sciences, said in an email

Just Brew It: Coffee Club was started back in 2018 by then sophomores Maddie Johnson and Laura Russell.

“When I met (Johnson and Russell) my freshman year, they were so welcoming and excited about coffee and made the adjustment to college so much easier. Every meeting, there were new people and along with Maddie and Laura ‘s friendly faces, I made so many great friendships,” Mancini said in an email.

Since 2018, the club has gone to various Milwaukee coffee shops such as Collectivo, Full of Beans, Pilcrow, Fairgrounds, Likewise, Rochambo Coffee & Tea House, Press Waffles, Pilcrow Coffee, Canary Coffee Bar and Stone Creek Coffee.

“So far my favorite place we’ve been is Full of Beans Cafe. It was super cute and had great coffee and sandwiches,” Erin Kill, sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences and treasurer for Just Brew It: Coffee Club, said.

For Kill, the key to a perfect cup of coffee is one that has the perfect balance between bitterness and sweetness.

“My favorite cup of coffee is an iced hazelnut latte because they’re pretty hard to mess up, so they’re delicious every time,” Kill said.

However, throughout the club there are differing opinions on what makes the perfect cup of coffee.

“A good cup of coffee for me is one with a light roast or medium roast. I personally love iced coffee,” Victoria Contreras, sophomore in the College of Health Sciences and member of Just Brew It: Coffee Club, said.

For Ellis, her coffee drink of choice would be a cold brew with almond milk. While, Mancini prefers a cup that is smooth and not too bitter, but thinks the company is what makes the coffee.

“That said, the best cups of coffee are ones shared over a conversation. I grew up sitting around cups of coffee and talking with my grandparents and those moments made me really appreciate coffee, regardless of what kind it is,” Mancini said in an email.

In addition to sampling coffee and food from various spots around Milwaukee, Ellis said that the social aspects are her favorite parts of the club.

“I like this club because it brings all different kinds of people from different majors and with different interests together who all share the same appreciation for coffee,” Ellis said in an email. 

Contreras joined the club for similar reasons as it brought together both a social element and her love for coffee.

“I joined a coffee club to meet more people and to be able to visit different coffee shops around Milwaukee,” Contreras said.

For many, part of the club’s appeal is that it’s low commitment and is open to anyone across the university who wants to join.

“This clubs allows it’s members so much flexibility. We encourage our members to bring work to study while at the coffee shop, bring friends to socialize, and get out of their comfort zone by trying fun new coffee drinks. My favorite part is discovering new places around Milwaukee and cultivating coffee (and tea!!) loving friendships among our members,” Mancini said in an email.

Light or dark? Sweet or bitter? Iced or hot? Everyone has their own answer to what makes the perfect cup of coffee. 

This story was written by Megan Woolard. She can be reached at megan.woolard@marquette.edu