Analyzing Wojo’s handwriting


Saying that you prefer Snickers on a personality quiz doesn’t always equate to being a calm, dignified individual with serious aspirations in the classroom and a hidden wild side on the weekends. However, there is one test that some take real merit in: handwriting analysis.

“I definitely think it’s an extension of someone’s personalty,” Rachael Tank, a junior in the College of Communication, said. “You can tell how someone writes, how they have learned how to write—if it kind of mimics their parents’ or siblings’ writing—or just who they are as a person.”

Steve “Wojo” Wojciechowski is obsessed with basketball, which is not a bad thing to say about a basketball coach, but it could mean he rarely shows Marquette fans what he’s like off the court.

Wojo penned a note following the Villanova upset that was sent out in an email. A proper handwriting analysis can reveal hidden elements of his personality.

Tests like one on, created by graphologist and handwriting expert Gary Thomas attempt to analyze handwriting and paint an accurate picture of who the writer is at the core.

Thomas writes on his website that the brain “guides your hand” and handwriting “paints the picture of the person behind the pen.” He explains there are nine different elements to a person’s handwriting: Pen pressure, writing slant, baseline consistency, writing size, usage of the “three zones,” letter spacing, word spacing, sharpness of letter points and writing speed.


The darker and more deliberate the writing is, the more emotional energy the person contains. Unsurprisingly, Wojo writes with heavy pressure, and the high off a still fresh Nova win further influenced this trait.


A right slant indicates a passionate person with almost uncontrollable emotion. A middle slant “a” says a persons is normally logical, but sometimes over the top. A left slant is a cold, emotionless person.

Wojo has a definite middle slant, and after watching his x’s and o’s coaching style paired with animated jacket removal, it makes sense.

Baseline consistency

This has to do with how straight word lines are. Exceptionally straight lines are telling of an overly disciplined person, while an all over the place baseline displays emotional instability, similar to Charles Manson.

The good news for Wojo is that he demonstrates a normal amount of waviness that indicates the proper amount of emotional flexibility. However, his note tends to slant up at the end of each line. That is telling of a person in an exceptionally good mood. It is pretty safe to say that Wojo was pretty happy about the Villanova win.

Writing size

The size of your writing mimics the level of concentration. The smaller the writing, the higher the level of concentration on minute details. Wojo features a normal writing size indicating an average ability to concentrate.

Three Zones

Remember the tri-lined paper used in third grade classrooms everywhere? That is the basis for the three zone theory. If the author spends more time in the upper part of the zone and has big, loopy l’s, d’s, and t’s, they are a more philosophical person, but if they are a bottom dweller and have large g’s, p’s, and y’s, they are more practical. Wojo is the latter. He has a worldly view, isn’t afraid of hard work and has a physical drive for success.

Letter spacing

A person with a large space between letters is confused and uncertain, while close lettering evokes low self-esteem. Wojo has neither of these traits as his letters are generally evenly spaced, meaning he is self-confident and comfortable.

Word Spacing

Akin to letter spacing, this trait reveals actions around others. Compressed word spacing means you need to be close to others and have an affinity for crowds. Spaced out words mean avoidance of social situations and interpersonal contact. They would rather focus on a profession or hobby.

Wojo’s words are heavily spaced out, and while that might seem odd considering the crowds he deals with on a daily basis, it does make sense. Reading a profile of Wojo by Jim Owczarksi for, the coach is described as intense, dedicated and accountable of himself and others.

He spends hours studying film, evaluating opponents and evolving his basketball knowledge. It’s not crazy for a basketball coach to be anti-social. The great one, John Wooden, had few friends outside of his wife.

Letter sharpness

This details the look of r’s, n’s, and m’s. The sharper the point, the more intelligent and quick-minded the person is, and Wojo has incredibly sharp r’s. From afar, Wojo seems highly intelligent—his degree from Duke should say all anyone needs to know— but his handwriting gives further proof.

Writing speed

This is one of the hardest traits to identify unless you witness the person writing it, but there are certain tells based on letter formation. It appears Wojo writes at an average speed which says he has an organized and not overly spontaneous approach.

In summary, Wojo is a dedicated, passionate, somewhat emotional, intelligent and confident person. He isn’t philosophical, instead he likes to focus on the here and now. He can survive in social situations, but he really enjoys his alone time. He is emotionally stable, and deals with highs and lows well.