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OLIVER: For the love of Milwaukee

I love Chicago. I was born in a suburb of Chicago, lived next to one of the biggest cities in the world for most of my life and even have a tattoo of the state of Illinois with the Chicago flag in it.

When I decided to go to Marquette in Milwaukee, my first thought was, “there is no way this measly city can compare to Chicago.”

Chicago has some of the greatest sports teams in the nation—the Bears, the Blackhawks and the White Sox. The city is home to the tallest building in the United States—the Sears Tower (It may be the Willis Tower now, but it will always be the Sears Tower to me). We even have an ATM that vends cupcakes.

I thought Milwaukee could never compare to Chicago, but then I finally arrived here.

Milwaukee is basically Chicago’s less traffic-filled brother.

Exploring the city and making the most of your time in it is one of the most important things you do while at school here.

One of the best parts about Marquette is its location in the city.

Sophomore year, I made it a goal to get out and explore as much of the city as possible each year. I went to as many coffee shops and restaurants as I could and had a highly-caffeinated year. My goal continued into junior year when I added bars, frozen yogurt shops and music stores to my list. Milwaukee has a surprisingly wonderful array of music stores, and they all have a nice selection.

Exploring the city has led me to greater appreciate Milwaukee.

This year I hope to make it out to some of Milwaukee’s historical landmarks and a couple more Brewery tours. When I first came here I did not understand why the city had such a large reputation for beer. I knew Miller was brewed really close to campus. I also referred to the Brewers as the ‘Brew Crew,’ but I didn’t understand the real impact beer had upon Milwaukee.

Now I know that Brewery tours are incredibly fun and  always end with free samples. We have craft breweries in almost every neighborhood, and I would be ridiculed if I forgot to include Oktoberfest (basically a celebration of drinking). If I may suggest one thing for you to do before you graduate, make it the Lake Front Brewery Tour. The tour encompasses the heart and soul of Milwaukee with a wonderful story and you get FREE BEER!

The best part of this city has to be the food, the coffee and the beer. Now that I have enjoyed quite a few beers, I know there is no other city like Milwaukee.

We should all take a cue from Jacques Marquette and explore a little more. I mean you only go to college once.

Chicago is always going to be my city. Living next to it for 18 years has assured it a special place in my heart, but in my four years here, Milwaukee is making a very strong case to be my second home.

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