Eckstein provides more than study space

The gym in Eckstein Hall is now open, and is located on the fourth floor of the building. Photo by Emily Waller /

Since its opening, Eckstein Hall’s aesthetics and architecture have impressed. Built to house the university’s Law School, the $85 million structure is the latest in a line of new buildings on Marquette’s campus.

But Eckstein features more than conference rooms and libraries. The building is also equipped with a newly opened fitness room and a chapel soon to be completed.

Joseph Kearney, dean of the Law School, said he hopes to have the chapel finished and opened in the spring.

“In terms of the chapel’s status, we are currently awaiting delivery of the altar, and we hope that the chapel will be open later this spring,” Kearney said.

Making sure the building was ready for occupation delayed the opening of the gym and chapel, Kearney said.

“They did not open with the rest of the building because we were focused on completing the classrooms [and] library in time for the school year this past August,” he said.

The fitness center is located on the fourth floor of Eckstein along the west side of the building, Kearney said.

Andrew Faltin, director of student affairs for the Law School, said the gym features several machines and free weights. These include six treadmills, four elliptical machines, dumbbells ranging from five to 75 pounds, a nine-station weight machine, stretch mats and benches.

“The cardio equipment occupies one half of the center, and the weight equipment occupies the other half,” Faltin said. “All of the equipment fits comfortably in the center, and there is long-term potential to add a few pieces of equipment.”

An exercise room where fitness classes are taught is also adjacent to the fitness room, Faltin said. There are locker rooms for both men and women.

Faltin estimated 50 to 60 students use the gym each day, but they aren’t the only ones. The fitness center is open to Law School students, faculty members, staff and administrators, he said.

“While students are the predominant users, I would say other members of the community use the center 10 to 20 percent of the time,” he said.

Jonathan Bateman, a third-year law student, said he uses the gym because of its convenience.

“Often, I use it between classes,” Bateman said. “It’s easily accessible and located right in the building.”

Bateman also prefers the Eckstein fitness center over the gyms at the Rec Center or Rec Plex.

“Usually, there isn’t as much of a wait for a machine here,” Bateman said. “Again, it’s really convenient for a quick workout.”

Next on the to-do list is completion of the chapel.

Like the gym, the chapel will be located on the fourth floor of the building, but the chapel will be on the north side of Eckstein.

The chapel will have seating for 24 people, as well as an altar and crucifix, Kearney said.