More computers in AMU

  • Plans are underway to add additional computers for student use in the Alumni Memorial Union.
  • The current idea is to place computers in kiosks similar to those found in airport terminals.

Plans are moving forward to place more computers for student use in the Alumni Memorial Union, Marquette Student Government President Ray Redlingshafer said at last Thursday's MUSG meeting.

With a 20 percent increase in traffic through the AMU and changes in the building's layout due to the changes to Marquette Place, senators began to look at adding more computers, said Redlingshafer, a senior in the College of Business Administration.

Currently, there are six computers available for student use in Marquette Place and Brew Bayou.

Redlingshafer said student government has been working on the project since the end of last year.

"It's kind of a long and complicated process," he said.

The current vision for the computer additions is to have kiosks available for students to browse the Internet and to check e-mails between classes. Redlingshafer said the idea came from a University of Michigan design, similar to kiosks in airport terminals.

He said MUSG has completed an analysis of where computers ought to go and the potential costs.

Neal Wucherer, associate director of the AMU, is overseeing the execution of the project, Redlingshafer said.

No new legislation was voted on or discussed at Thursday's MUSG Senate meeting.